The Happy Bean Dream

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Hey guys! First of all, welcome to our website. We are really pumped to have this thing up and running. Special thanks to our graphic designer, Geoffrey! You’re a rock star!

Anyway, my name is Cassie. I’m one of the owners of the “new place in town,” a.k.a. Happy Bean Coffee. We’re located on South Main Street in the ever-so-quaint Mount Vernon, Ohio. It’s nice to meet you. 🙂

My husband and I teamed up with our good friends, Eric and Tisha, almost a year ago to start this thing. It took and continues to demand an insane amount of work and sacrifice. There were many moments of joy as we dreamt big for a small business in Knox County, but there were also a lot of tough moments as we battled doubt and made big decisions to leave our jobs and secure incomes.

So you’re probably asking “what possessed them to do something like this?” Because here’s the deal, a coffee shop sounds really cool in theory (really, everyone I talk to at this shop has at some point dreamt of opening something similar)— but when you get down to the nitty gritty of building a business, it just doesn’t really seem like a good idea, right? Well, the thing is, it wasn’t our idea. At all.

Last summer, I had a dream— literally. I have had a few vivid dreams like this in the past, but it certainly doesn’t happen frequently. I also want to note that I never had a desire in me to open a coffee shop even though coffee is a HUGE part of the Johnson lifestyle. Anyhow… In this dream, I saw the coffee shop named Happy Bean in our little town of Mount Vernon. I prayed about it, and started to realize that there were two needs in our area: really stinking good coffee and a sense of hope. Over a week, it became a burning desire within me to face the risk of leaving my job and steady income to serve those two needs.

My husband and I, as well as Eric and Tisha, absorbed all of the knowledge we could about coffee (like hours upon hours of watching youtube videos, conversations with experts we know, and a TON of reading). We prayed an awful lot. We processed so much. Then, four months later, our store opened up with the name Happy Bean Coffee and the mission to brew hope and serve our community. At first, we were in a little corner of a grocery store— the ultimate grocery store with all of the goodies your heart can desire. It’s called Troyer’s of Apple Valley. It was great practice before expanding to our downtown location. Needless to say, it’s been a ton of work and there’s really no end to this work in sight, but we are fueled by something much much bigger than ourselves. For this reason, we are incredibly grateful to do what we do each and every day.

We’re still building our business, but our priority right now is finding local programs to partner 12644758_1693630397571383_631852446270217812_nwith and contribute to. We don’t necessarily want to start any of our own efforts, but as the business is getting closer to being profitable, we are looking to help fund established drug rehabilitation efforts, prison ministries, and local family empowerment. So when you buy a cup of coffee from us, you’re actually joining in on the efforts to make Knox County better and to help those in need. It has been a wild ride, but Nate and I have always said that we want to do something big to help restore what is broken in the community we love so much. This is the most we have ever sacrificed, but it is also extremely fulfilling. To see this region happier and healthier is a priceless reward.

If you have any questions, or would like to reach out, simply contact us from this website or visit the shop! We would be so happy to serve you. 🙂

That’s all for now, folks! Blessings to you all!